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Green Umbrella Tooling Gear

Green Umbrella™ Tooling Equipment

Green Umbrella tooling equipment are available to be paired with our concrete floor Grinders and burnishing machines. Green Umbrella tooling equipment is designed for all types of wet grinding, honing and polishing.

Tooling equipment available in a range of grit sizes and materials including, diamond abrasives, metal bonds, resins and resin compounds to be paired up with green umbrellas grinder and burnishing equipment. Together they are paired with green umbrella’s chemical and color and finishes for the most efficient use of the equipment.
When the right tooling equipment  is paired with the right green umbrella stain and or finish process, you get the most square footage  out of your tooling equipment  for an efficient, effective, GHP (grinding, honing, and polishing) process for your concrete floor. With Green Umbrella tooling equipment you will have a perfect match to your concrete floor grinder and burnisher to get the most life out of your tooling equipment.