StoneExtreme BobCat Processing Machine

///StoneExtreme BobCat Processing Machine
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Green Umbrella™ Stone Extreme Concrete Grinder

Green Umbrella™ Stone Extreme Concrete Grinder

The Green Umbrella™ Stone Extreme Concrete Grinder enables you to grind, hone and polish concrete with extreme productivity. Using the 77″ cutting path and powered by BobCat, the StoneExtreme can process up to 8,000 square feet of concrete per hour. Complete projects in a time frame that makes polished concrete a practical choice and makes your company the only choice as the team that can get the job done.
Designed specifically to grind concrete, the Stone Extreme has the necessary head pressure and each floating head is powered by High Flow Hydraulics ensuring proper concrete processing. Make use of the quick change diamond plates to rapidly keep all 36 diamond abrasives working to complete the job. Non-skid tracks ensure the StoneExtreme will move with stability and efficiency across the floor. Diesel powered, the Stone Extreme has a catalytic muffler to ensure clean indoor operation. The gearbox technology found in the Green Grinder is the foundation for the Gearbox powering the Stone Extreme.
 Green Umbrella™ Stone Extreme Concrete Grinder
  • Diesel powered T-320
  • Catalytic Purifier
  • Increased productivity
  • Endless run time
  • No cords
  • No generators
  • Improved quality
  • Wet or dry operation

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