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Green Umbrella™ Green Grinder

Green Umbrella™ Green Grinder

Green Umbrella™ Green Grinder

Green Umbrella Products released the Green Grinder. It gives us great pleasure to finally release the much anticipated Green Umbrella™ Green Grinder!

We have been known for taking the lead in Green Grinding providing cordless, clean energy, high productivity equipment … and we have reset the bar with this machine. The Green Grinder has ESD monitoring, Catalytic Muffler, Gel batteries and other requirements have made it a certified GS-24 and certified LEED concrete grinding machine. It is designed all around Wet Grinding. A sturdy, mining industry inspired Green GEAR TM gearbox will enable you to have a truly industrial piece of equipment to exceed the run time of any other grinder on the market, by THOUSANDS of hours.

We didn’t just overhaul the insides though. We added a quick change diamond system that will enable even diamond wear and quick field changes. Propane tanks drop in for quick and easy changes. Vacuum ports remove particulates from under the machine at floor level. 3 wrenches is all it takes to make any adjustment, repair, etc. anywhere on this machine.

Call Us directly at 844-200-7336 or Contact Us for details on the Green Umbrella™ Green Grinder.

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