Polished Concrete Flooring Done Right

//Polished Concrete Flooring Done Right
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High Quality Mechanically Polished Concrete: Polished Concrete Flooring Done Right

Increasing numbers of architects and design professionals are suggesting polished concrete to their clients who want a flooring option that is earth friendly, low maintenance, and durable. The challenge is finding a contractor who can consistently meet specifications and can be relied upon to produce a high quality product. To meet that need, Green Umbrella has been instructing and training contractors in the GU mechanical process and chemical applications that create a decorative, yet durable concrete floor that contributes to LEED accreditation. When contractors complete our rigorous training program successfully, we confidently refer them to you for polished concrete flooring done right.

Polished Concrete Flooring Done Right

Green Umbrella Project Management and/or Certified Craftsman Installers

  • Use a true mechanical process to prep/grind/hone/polish any concrete slab to meet client expectations.
  • Understands what your spec is calling for and how to achieve it.
  • Understands that exposing rock and applying sealer or wax does not necessarily meet architect specifications.
  • Uses alternative fuels (propane or diesel) that create a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline or coal produced electricity, a way to be more “green”.
  • Has received education in alternative fuel safety.
  • A GU Craftsman does initial grinding and coating removal with an environmentally sound wet process favorably impacting indoor air quality.
  • Our equipment Grinds all the way to the wall, unless otherwise specified.
  • Has been certified to introduce color into concrete.
  • Our colors (dyes/stains/concrete treatments) are green.
  • A GU Craftsman uses all applicable Green Umbrella concrete treatments to protect the floor and avoid any contribution to air or water pollution.
  • A GU Craftsman has a working knowledge of the chemistry of concrete, specifically how chemicals introduced react and relate to the long term success of a ground/honed/polished floor.
  • Knows and understands regulations and standards of various government agencies.
  • Has been educated on and adheres to rules and regulations for disposal of slurry, dust and other potential pollutants.
  • Ascribes to a high standard of ethics.
  • Is annually certified to keep up with technology and product improvements.
  • Are enthusiastic leaders in GREEN building requirements and techniques.
  • Has the ability to meet and manage client expectations.
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The Best Polished Concrete Available

Significant time and effort have been spent perfecting our chemistry and systems. Concrete grinding and polishing was already a “first choice” in green building, but some of the chemicals used by some have been discovered to be damaging to the environment. Others even carcinogenic. Our unparalleled chemistry creates an effective yet environmentally friendly product that is safe for the contractor during installation, and for the people who lived and worked in the space afterwards.

Some potential problems arise when polishing concrete, Green Umbrella has taken these issues and provided strong solutions. Where other companies may fall short, we take the time and effort to make sure you are left with the best possible product.

Familiar Problems Green Umbrella Solutions
Lack of knowledge to explain and solve flooring problems Use of GU specs, management, consulting or pour to polish contractors
Mix design/finishing blamed for polish failure Use of GU specs, management, consulting or pour to polish contractors
Timelines/sequencing not met GU management or consulting
Hazardous disposal issues PH neutral chemistry
Improper densifier application Green Umbrella trained and certified Craftsman
Concrete turned white, had to recut the floor GU densifiers that are Non-sodium, pH neutral, that are not water soluble
Unable to expose aggregate when specified True Grinding and Polishing Equipment made to expose aggregate
Floor not processed completely to wall edge Equipment to grind, hone, polish completely to the wall edge
Color did not stay in the floor Chemistry that will not resist color introduction and trained contractors provide color that will not walk off
UV instability of color Exterior color that will not fade
Contamination in HVAC, dust everywhere! Wet grind for clean indoor air quality and better health
Gloss/floor failure after installation Processed Floor. Not just exposing the rock and applying a polymer sealer
Improper post polish maintenance GU maintenance program support
Lack of confidence in product Independent lab tested chemistry with high abrasion resistance and strong stain resistance
Conflicts in chemistry, color and process A GU complete system