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Cut Your Labor

Green Umbrella products are designed to retard set times in hot weather yet do not extend set times in cold weather. This enables contractors to work with smaller crews, cutting labor costs.

Cut Your Downtime

Green Umbrella concrete systems and treatments work seamlessly together. From the initial pour to the final polish, our products are engineered to cure quicker, saving you valuable downtime.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Green Umbrella Systems offer contractors a responsible alternative to traditional floor treatments. Our products have a minimal ecological impact and a very low VOC content.

A Complete System of Treatments and Equipment that Work Seamlessly Together

Green Umbrella offers a range of solutions from the initial pour, all the way to the final finish.

Complete Concrete Treatment Systems

Green Umbrella’s series of systems for producing and protecting GHP (Ground, Honed, Polished) floors. These systems combine treatments that are designed to work together to produce beautiful results.

GreenIce Concrete Cure System

A concrete curing system that enables contractors to complete the curing process in just one day! GreenIce reduces common curing problems, increases abrasion resistance and results in a beautiful high-gloss finish that looks like ice.

Green Cut Concrete Cutting Agent

An eco-friendly cutting and slurry agent designed to save time and labor by reducing the number of diamond grinding steps. Green Cut utilizes molecular cutting agents to create a less porous floor with a superior gloss.

Microfilm Concrete Sealants

Microfilm is a hybrid surface treatment that seals polished concrete floors with a micro-thin breathable layer that is highly resistant to aviation oils while also standing up against acid and chemical exposure. Also available in an outdoor formula.

Concrete Densifiers

Green Umbrella offers a line of environmentally-friendly concrete densifiers that deeply penetrates and chemically reacts with the concrete to produce a harder, denser surface. Densifiers with color are also available as a two-in-one hardener and colorant.

Concrete Colorants

Green Umbrella concrete dyes are safe for the environment and VOC compliant. Options include solvent-based dyes, water-based dyes, interior use dye as well as colorant/densifier combos. Green Umbrella colorants are easy to apply and come in a wide variety of colors.

Floor Maintenance & Protection

Green Umbrella offers a cleaner and degreaser that is eco-friendly and non-damaging to concrete. Temporary flooring protection products are also available for protecting new or existing concrete from impact or marking during construction.

Tools, Machinery & Equipment

Green Umbrella offers a range of equipment and accessories. Available equipment includes power trowels, grinders, burnishers, and superior diamond abrasives for high durability and performance.

Green Umbrella Brochure

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